24×7 water supply in the state within next six months assures pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar


18-10-2013 … With an aim to give water 24/7 to the rural and urban areas of the state within the next six months the state public works department would envisage its working pattern to curb down on water wastage through the help of non revenue water management monitoring committee …

The meeting was addressed by pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar along with various government officials from the pwd department who were informed about the various aspects of saving wastage water in the state ..

The pwd minister said that his pwd department had kept in mind to provide per person about 150 litres of water in rural areas while 150 litres of water is provided in urban areas with 467 mld of water being provided in to the state of goa every day presently and also to come down to around 25 percent of water wastage in the next six months..

Dhavlikar said a major project of 800 crores worth would be put up in south goa water supply division where in 100 mld water supply plant would come up in a sanguem and would be completed by 2014

Dhavlikar also stated that the calculation of water under the non revenue water was between 30%-40% where as the standard norms were up to 20% under the non revenue water management scheme