Chief minister Manohar Parrikar launches pre-carnival festivities


9-feb-2013 … Chief minister Manohar Parrikar launched the pre-carnival festivities by releasing a bunch of balloons at the Garcia da Orta garden on Friday evenining

The ‘Samba Square’ festivities organised by the Panjim Carnival Committee headed by the Commissioner of the Corporation of the City of Panjim Sanjit Rodrigues were inaugurated by Parrikar who is also the local MLA by releasing colourful balloons, an hour after the scheduled start, amidst mascots, clowns, music and lavish food.

The Samba Square features dance, music and entertainment for five days including special games and kids’ zones, lounges, entertainment and other facilities in the garden.

Crowds thronged the Garcia da Orta garden sporting vibrant coloured wigs, outfits and spontaneously broke into dance in tune with the music that was being dished out at the venue.

the festival of carnival brought in fun and music at the Garcia da Orta garden at the same time it was sad to note that small plants which have been planted inside the garden were once again destroyed by people who had thronged in to the garden to take part in carnival festivities …

Not only that even the ccp officials took a least care about the vehicles which had damaged the garden plants while Mercedes vehicles were put up for display inside the garden as a promotional activity ….

Meanwhile plants which were gown with great care along the median of the road from patto bridge to the kala academy were seen being stampede by the crowds who had assembled to be a part of the carnival float parade once again raising questions as weather ccp or the state government is really interested in beautifying the capital city or the plants grown along the median were just a wastage of government funds …