junk vehicles used for add campaigns along the aggasaim highway road causing nuisance to vehicle mover’s


9-feb-2013 … While junk vehicles are said to be moved out of the state roads a junk vehicle situated along the aggasaim by pass road has earned a lot of attraction from passer-by’s who make it a point to have a glimpse of the junk vehicle which is being used for an add campaign of a private company …

it seems that the aggasaim local police station which is close to the areas as well as local Panchayat is least bothered to take a note of the junk vehicle being parked for the past few months and have till date not verified as to whom the vehicle belongs too which had been doing add campaigns for month’s on now….

it may be noted that On February 12, 2008, the High Court of Bombay in Goa had directed the state authorities to remove all illegal hoardings in the state and were to be complied with by the collectors of North and South Goa, directorate of panchayats, director of municipal administration and the highway administration.

The order of the High Court assumed significance in view of mushrooming illegal billboards in Goa, particularly along the national highways. Following a news report in a local daily, the court had taken suo moto cognizance and issued a notice to the state authorities.

The court had observed that billboards are being erected without obtaining NoCs from local authorities and in violation of the 40-metre setback rule set out by the Indian Road Congress and without the permission of the Traffic Cell.

The court observed that local authorities must exercise proper control over billboard erection and order their removal wherever rules are flouted. The court noted that the hoardings are a hazard to road safety and mar the natural beauty of the state but questions arise as why the locals authorities have been quite of such type of junk vehicle carrying out add campaigns,

Though goareporter team tried to contact the local police inspector of the aggasaim police station as well as sarpanch of agassaim village Panchayat to verify about the facts of the junk vehicle all went in vain as both the officers were unable to be found in their offices when contacted …