plants being destroyed along the median in panjim city


8-feb-2013 … With the carnival celebrations being kicked off in to the capital city from Saturday questions are being raised on weather the officials of the corporation city of Panjim as well as carnival organizers or enthusiasts would take care of the various plants that are grown inside the road medians from kala academy to the patto brige which are likely to get stampede during the ongoing carnival festival

It may be noted that the city of Panjimget flooded with carnival enthusiasts during the carnival float paradewhere inMore than 100 floats are slated to participate at the opening day parade of the Carnival 2013 and during this carnival float parade celebrations people are seen to be putting their feet’s over the plants grown along the divider or even the labourers fitting up bamboos destroying this plants …

On the other hand ccp has been doing its best to see that the dividers where in plants are grown are given the cities natural beauty but when such festivals of carnival, shigmo or international film festival of India are held in the state these tiny plants planted along the in the middle of the road dividers do get themselves underneath the feat of locals or are trapped under bamboo sticks for closing the one side of the area ….

Speaking to goanreporter ccp commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues said that it was difficult to keep a control on the people who were coming to watch the carnival float parade and there was loss of plantation due to the stampede during such festival every year …

Horticulturist Daniel dsouza said that the city gardens were facing a set back due to festivals like carnival being held once in a year he had proposed of shifting carnival float parade route to be shifted towards shigmo route as the shigmo route was much more spaced out and no gardens were coming along the route

Meanwhile Commenting over the samba square where in a four day festivities of carnival would kick off Sanjit said that theSamba Square would feature dance, music and entertainment for five days along with Special games and kids’ zones, lounges and entertainment being set up at the garden.