Despite absence of BJP veteran LK Advani, BJP’s National Executive meet enters second day


08-06-2013 …. Despite the absence of Bharatiya Janata Party veteran LK Advani, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s National Executive meet entered second day on Saturday.

The meet, which began at a five start resort on Saturday morning evolve a strategy for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls along with a possibility of discussing its prime ministerial candidate.

The other items on the agenda saw several resolutions ranging from issues related to national pride and security.

Among others there would be resolutions which would also be passed on the manner in which corruption and mal governance were eating into the national polity and how constitutional bodies were being tampered with to protect corrupt leaders in power.

Addressing media press conference party spokesperson prakash javdekar said that his party president rajnath singh had questioned as why the Coalgate report was changed in to the office of cbi and therefore prime minister dr manmohan singh had to resigned from his post on moral grounds taking the responsibility

Criticizing the central congress led government on various issues of scam’s, downfall of economic growth, food security, naxallites and false promises on control on inflation Javdekar said his president had urged the need of a new political revolution to avert the imminent multiple crisis which the country was facing today

Stating that the issue of giving special status to goa would be discussed on Sunday Javdekar also stated that that his party was taking the lead in the bjp rules states of the country to include life’s and works of swami viveknanda to be included in school and colleges curriculum of their states