st andre mla vishnu wagh may contest next north goa loksabha elections from the ncp ticket


07-06-2013 … Exclusive:  Even though there is a long way for the 2014 loksabha elections to go in the country efforts seems to be on from some of the national political parties in the state to convince one of the present ruling bjp led government mla to fight the next lok Sabha elections from the north goa seat …  

According to reliable sources goanreporter has learnt that the st andre mla Vishnu surya wagh who has been in the forefront to raise his voice against his own bjp led government on issues like the lusofonia games and legalizing of dhirio in goa has been approached by the nationalist congress party as his candidate for the north goa ok Sabha seat to fight the parliamentary elections against present bjp mp shripad naik

It may be noted that though there have been statements from the nationalist congress party leaders that the party would not hire any politician from any other political party for the upcoming lok Sabha elections it seems that the recent trends of wagh taking his own government on various issues have convinced the state and central ncp leaders to give wagh its party ticket to fight the lok Sabha elections in north goa …

When the same question was put forth before a senior leader of the state ncp party, the leader confirmed to goanreporter that there were talks between the st andre mla and the senior leaders of the nationalist congress party but nothing was yet finalized over the issue .

When asked about the recent developments of weather wagh was interested in fighting the upcoming lok Sabha elections from north goa st andre mla Vishnu surya wagh said that everything was depending on circumstances but at present he was the mla of st andre constituency and his premiere job was to look and raise the problems of my constituency though always his aspirations was to a member of parliament right than being a member of legislative assembly

Wagh said that if any circumstance prevailed then he would take his decision on such issue

Meanwhile commenting over the same issue north goa mp shripad naik said he was confident that his party would give him the north goa lok sabha ticket and such news were all rumours created by those who are unable to defeat him