Panaji, June 04, 2018 …. The Regional Employment exchange has notified that many employers in private sector are not notifying vacancies to the Employment Exchange as required under the relevant provisions. As a result of this, Employment Exchange is not in a position to maintain updated information in respect of employment market in the state.

In order to streamline the information about the vacancies in private sector, It is considered expedient by the Government to enjoin upon all the employers in the private sector not only to notify the vacancies but also obtain NOC for advertising the vacant posts through print/ Electronic media/ Campus Interview or any other mode of advertising/ interview from the Regional Employment Exchange.

In case of employer who would like to participate in Job Fair outside Goa, such N.O.C. shall also have to be obtained from the Regional Employment Exchange, Goa. Organizers conducting job Fair in Goa are also required to obtain N.O.C. from the Regional Employment Exchange, Goa.

          Employers need to submit application for N.O.C. to the Employment Officer in Office of Commissioner Labour & Employment, Panaji by online mode. Employment Exchange will convey necessary N.O.C. within 48 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays). In event of non processing of online application by the Employment Exchange within 48 hours, the N.O.C. will be computer generated and conveyed online to the applicant, soon thereafter.

          The approved N.O.C. number shall be reflected in all the advertisements for filing up of the posts issued by the employers. Application for online N.O.C. can be applied on www.goaonline.gov.in.


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