goa medical college hospital facing severe drinking water shortage


26-04-13 … While the state chief minister Manohar Parrikar has been saying that his over one year government has been able to provide one of the best medical facilities to patients entering in to the goa medical hospital at bambolim presently the oldest medical college hospital in Asia is lacking of proper basic needs of drinking water where in only one water purifier serves drinking water to the whole of goa medical college hospital daily

it was unbelievable to believe that the goa Medical College which has been striving to achieve excellence in patient care has only one water purifier for the usage of gmc patients and its relatives for the past many years who have to stand in a que to collect drinking water in plastic bottles daily in front of the water purifies which is situated close to the office of gmc medical superintendent sunanda amonkar

according to gmc reports there are three water purifiers used for water drinking purpose situated inside gmc complex from which two are situated inside the operation theatre where in patients relatives are not allowed to enter without permission while only one water purifies is allowed to be used for patient relatives or for a common man who visits the hospital daily

At present the hospital receives 1200 patients in opd while 1500 patients walk in for check ups daily

when goareporter spoke to the higher authorities it was surprising was to note that the present health minister laxmikhant parsekar, st andre mla vishnu surya wagh and the dean of the goa medical college dr v n jindal were till date unaware of the current problem where in only one water purifier was available for common people for drinking purpose in the whole of gmc complex.

Speaking to goanreporter the concerned higher authorities said that as they were unaware of the situation and that they would try and put more water purifiers in and around gmc hospital soon as possible if required..

Meanwhile the hospital has even been running of acute water shortage for the past few days due to which hygiene conditions of the hospital seems to be in a neglected condition

even the water which the gmc hospital get on regular basis is also low as per its daily usage due to which even patients and its relatives are forced to survive daily on water filled in plastic bottles kept under neat the patients ward beds while the canteen inside gmc complex are also forced to collect daily usage water in drums for its use

but when this issue was brought to the notice of the higher authorities health minister laxmikhant parsekar, st andre mla Vishnu surya wagh and gmc dean dr v n jindal has various versions over the water issue