porvorim constituency face lack of sewerage system facilities


26-04-2013 … With lack of facilities available for sewerage system in an around porvorim area Porvorim mla rohan khaunte on Saturday hoped of using night soil tankers in his constituency for maintaining proper sewerage system

It may be noted that The lack of a sewerage and drainage system in an area of Porvorim dotted with high-rise buildings has put the residents there to a great inconvenience as they have to bear the foul stench emanating from the sewage flowing from these buildings into the open drains and also in open spaces.

Speaking to goanreporter porvorim mla rohan khaunte said that the sewerage system in porvorim area was a problem in porvorim constituency being it a rocky area and hoped to solve the problem by using night soil tankers with the help of the state government

Khaunte said since the porvorim constituency was growing very fast he expected from the state government to take up the work on the sewerage part for his constituency as soon as possible