Goan Reporter News: Chief Minister, Dr. Sawant extends his greetings on Independence Day.


The Chief Minister, Dr. Pramod Sawant extended his compliments and good wishes to all the citizens of our country on Independence Day. Chief Minister, Dr. Sawant has conveyed his warm greetings to the people of Goa on the eve of Independence Day and commemorated the struggle of Indian freedom fighters.

The Chief Minister, Dr. Sawant in his message said, “It was on this day in 1947, that India attained freedom. Freedom fighters fought for independence, at the cost of their lives. The sacrifices made by them paved the way for our Independence. India has fought to embrace its diversity since then, which future generations need to keep.”

“Our nation has made rapid progress in all the developmental spheres and has emerged as one of the fastest developing country. Our government is focused on improving the social and physical infrastructure of the State. Our prominence has been on inclusive development that would give people the power to manifest their individual potential for the collective good.”

The Chief Minister further said that “Today, it is not just freedom that we celebrate, but the inner strength and unity of people that enabled our country to emerge as one of the fastest developing nations in the world. While taking pride in the country’s scientific, social, technological and economic advances, people should also lend active support to the welfare policies of the Central and state governments, implemented with the aim of empowering the weaker sections.

“Today we bow our heads in respect to all the valorous souls who sacrificed their lives to liberate India. Let us work diligently towards greater progress, inclusiveness and self-reliance. Let us take a pledge to work together with the spirit of idealism, discipline and unity for building a modern, developed and progressive Nation as we march on together as one nation, he concluded.


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