Goan Reporter News: Governor Shri P.S. Sreedharan Pillai extends his greetings on Independence Day.


The Governor of Goa Shri P.S. Sreedharan Pillai has conveyed his heartiest greetings and warm wishes to the people of Goa on the momentous occasion of India’s Independence.

The Governor, in his message has said that, August 15th, is the day of pride and honour for the Indians. This auspicious occasion gives us an opportunity to salute all the patriots and pay a tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed blood and freed our country from the shackles of colonial rule. On this pious occasion, I pay a heartfelt tribute to all the renowned and unsung heroes who laid down their lives to secure the independence we cherish today.

The Governor further said that, Independence Day is not just a date on the calendar; it is a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit, the victory of courage over fear, and the power of unity over division. It is a day to reflect upon our shared history, to honour our diversity, and to renew our commitment to the ideals of justice, equality, and fraternity enshrined in our Constitution. While commemorating this significant day, let us also remember that our freedom comes with the responsibility to safeguard and uphold the principles of democracy, secularism, and social harmony. It is upon us, the citizens of this great nation, to ensure that the dreams of our freedom fighters are realized in the form of a prosperous and inclusive India.

Today, as we hoist our national flag with pride, let us rekindle the flame of patriotism in our hearts and pledge to contribute our best towards the progress and development of our beloved country. Each one of us has a role to play in shaping India’s destiny, and together, we can build a nation that stands tall on the global stage.On the completion of 75 years of Independence “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”, the Prime Minister has declared that it is going to Amrit Kaal upto 2047 and the period during which India will emerge as the global leader. I urge you to dream now and work to realize your dreams during the remaining years of Amrit Kaal.

Goa, a jewel in India’s crown, has a unique history, cultural heritage, and vibrant diversity that enriches our great nation. Our journey to independence was not without its challenges, but the indomitable spirit of our people led us through the darkest times to emerge victorious in the pursuit of freedom and sovereignty.

The Governor further mentioned that, under the leadership of young and dynamic Chief Minister, Dr. Pramod Sawant State of Goa has worked energetically for the spectacular progress of the State by achieving major achievements such as world-class airport “the Manohar International Airport at Mopa” which was built on the theme of sustainable infrastructure with solar power plant, rain water harvesting and State-of-the-Art Sewage Treatment Plant with recycling facilities. Advanced technologies like 3-D Monolithic precast buildings, stabile road, robomatic hollow precast walls and 5G compatible IT infrastructure.  Another major achievement is the New Zuari Bridge with 8 Lane Cable, 4 Lanes on each side.  It allows vehicles to cover the distance from Canacona to Panaji and vice versa within a short span of time. Besides several major projects,

Goa continues to march ahead by successfully implementing several Central Government Schemes, the State Government has been working tirelessly for the welfare of the people of Goa by rolling out a number of progressive schemes such as introducing apprenticeship training scheme to equip youth with necessary skills for success for which the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has appreciated the Chief Minister, Dr. Pramod Sawant.

The State of Goa has become the front runner and best performing State in all the Sectors and soon we will see our beautiful State achieve the distinction of becoming one of the few States in the country to become “Smart State”. He said, Goa is a land of peace with many attractions. The State has inherited healthy democratic traditions in keeping with national objectives. People from various parts of the world come here to see and enjoy its natural beauty and cultural qualities. The socio economic indicators of the State as compared to other states of the country are very impressive. Goa has the highest estimated per capita income in the country, portraying a vigorous and healthy economy, he asserted.

The State of Goa continuously for the fifth time has been awarded as the Best performing State (Small States Category) in the Food Safety Index.

The Governor extended, gratitude to the brave soldiers who selflessly guard our borders, ensuring that our freedom remains intact. Let us also acknowledge the efforts of our frontline workers and essential service providers who have shown extraordinary dedication and resilience, especially during challenging times. As we march forward into the future, let us embrace innovation, uphold the principles of sustainable development, and work towards an India that is not only economically robust but also socially just and environmentally conscious.

The Governor has urged all Goans and Indians to unite as one, transcending barriers of caste, creed, and religion, and work together towards the prosperity and well-being of our nation. Let us be the architects of change, empowering the underprivileged, promoting education, and fostering a culture of compassion and empathy, he emphasised.

May the spirit of freedom and independence inspire us to achieve new heights of progress and bring us closer to the vision of a strong, inclusive, and harmonious India, he concludes.


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