Goan Reporter News: Inclusion of mini golf in National Games will attract new players: Naik


North Goa Zilla Panchayat Chairperson and President of Mini Golf Association, goa, Shri Siddesh Shripad Naik, on Friday said that the inclusion of Mini Golf discipline in the 37th National Games is a good move.

“Golf is considered a rich man’s game. However, mini golf can be played by the common man. This will attract new players and students in Goa.”

He said that the association will work to ensure Goans get exposure to the sport at the national and international level.

“The association has been formed in Goa, and through this, we will conduct training and awareness for the sport. When there are tournaments held at the national and international level, we will work to ensure Goans will get exposure to such events,” he said.

Naik said that Goan athletes have a good opportunity to showcase their talents at the Games, and thanked Hon. Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant and Hon. Sports Minister Shri Govind Gaude for supporting the various associations in the state.

“All the infrastructure that has been set up for the athletes for the Games is of top quality. Our government has set a standard. Goan athletes have got a platform to showcase their talents. The youngsters will benefit from this. The athletes should derive benefit from the National Games from this opportunity and improve themselves, strive to make Goa’s name shine, and ensure Goa also benefits from this event.”


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