Goan Reporter News: Minister for Sports, Shri Govind Gaude urges people to come together to fight Mhadei.


Minister for Sports, Shri Govind Gaude emphasizing the importance of constitution  said that under  the Constitution of India no one can divert or destroy natural resources and called upon all the people to come together to fight to save Mhadei.

The Minister for Sports was speaking after unfurling the national flag to mark the celebration of India’s Republic Day at a function held at Dharbandora today.

Mhadei river is the mother of all Goans and we should come together to fight to protect it. The Constitution has given the right to fight and if someone is not abiding the constitution there is need to revolt.  He said Goa is a touristic State and internationally famous for its natural beauty. Mhadei water is important for us and to protect our natural beauty we need to come together. He said Opinion poll showed the togetherness and power of all Goans and its time has come once again to show unity and power of Goans.

Minister highlighting the significant work done by Dr Ambedkar for drafting the Constitution of India said with his supreme knowledge he drafted the constitution within two years eleven month and 18 days. This constitution has given various and equal rights to all to live as one nation. The Indian constitution has given the right to all citizens who can represent the country, he said.

Shri Gaude said we should learn the constitution of India and also know the struggle made by Dr Ambedkar to prepare the draft of the Constitution. He appealed to the students to work hard to excel in studies as well as in sports to face the future challenges. Our children have the strength to overcome sports and urged to play outdoor games instead of playing on mobile.

Earlier, the Minister inspected the guard of honour and witnessed the cultural programme performed by various school students.

Ex PWD Minister Shri Dipak Pauskar, Deputy Collector Shri Nilesh Dhaigodkar, Sarpanch Village Panchayat Shri Vinayak Gawas, Dy Sarpanch Smt Suchita Gawas, Shri Ravindra Gaonkar, Mahesh Naik and Shri Damodar Naik all Panchayat Member were present on the occasion.


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