pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar favours close of pubs in the state, says rame sene chief could not be banned on entering the stateevery indian citizen has a right to move around anywhere in the country


01/0713_photo_ramkrishna/2014 ….Stating that every indian citizen has a right to move around anywhere in the country pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar on Monday also came in support of ram sene chief pramod muthalik that that the rame sene chief could not be ban on entering the state though he was also of the opinion of putting a ban on pubs being operated in and around the state of goa

Addressing media persons pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar said that though muthalik had not said anything on goans nor had criticized any community but had objected certain issues which were wrong in his community and therefore he felt muthalik was right in his views but reterated that the state government would not allow muthalik to take law in to his own hands

Dhavlikar said the ram sene was one of the group like other organizations and he was in total favor of closing pubs in the state of goa

Dhavlikar also stated that there was a need for every goan to take a call on how one could save goan traditional culture and certain unwanted things should be stopped in the state



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