state congress party questions independent mla’s stand on language and MOI issue


18/01/2016 … The state congress party had questioned independent mla’s namely vijai sardessai, rohan khaunte and naresh sawal stand on the language as well as on the issue of medium of instruction while asking for an opinion poll on other state related issues

Addressing media persons in panjim former calangute mla and congress spokesperson agnelo fernandes said that the concerned independent mla’s needs to ask for an opinion poll among themselves first on issues of language and moi before asking for an opinion poll on coconut tree and tourism related projects in eco sensitive zones

Mr fernandes said that as there was a drugs related connection in to the death of a us national mr caitanya lila holt there was a need for a cbi probe in to the incident

Meanwhile spokesperson sunil khauntankar said that there was a total law and order failure in the state as selling of drugs related incidents were going in some places close to educational institutions in an around the capital city of panjim



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