Calangute mla Michael lobo to be felicitated with the aadarsh yuva vidhayak puraskar 2015


19/01/2016 … Calangute mla Michael lobo will be felicitated at the 6th bharatiya chatra sansad an Indian student parliament with the aadarsh yuva vidhayak puraskar 2015 …

The calangute mla was congratulated by his collegues of the state legislative assembly in the recently concluded winter assembly session for winning the aadarsh yuva vidhayak puraskar 2015 …

The award is conferred by the bharatiya chhatra sansad foundation and MAEERs MIT school of government pune …

The event will be held on January 28 at MAEER’s MIT campus pune during the academic session spiritualization of politics a vision or an illusion

Each academic session of the conclave witnesses felicitation of two young members of legislative Assemblies from different states of India.

The idea is to encourage youth participation in politics by recognizing the positive change these young legislatures have brought in the society.

Mr lobo said that the awards was for his recognisation for his work done for the state and foe his calangute constituency as an mla



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