state fisheries minister to take locals in to confidence before decision on fishing jetty at vasco


27/07/2015 … Fisheries minister avertano furtado on Monday said that he would try and take people in to confidence before trying to construct a fishing jetty in vasco

Mr avertano was speaking to media reporters in panjim on the sidelines of the statements made by Vasco MLA Carlos that the state government has found permanent solution under which the Vasco bay would be divided into two parts, where one part would be given to the MPT and the other part would be used for construction of a new jetty.

Fisheries minister avertano furtado said that he was aware of the issue and would try to resolve it soon as possible

Meanwhile vasco mla carlos almeida said that there was a need for a fishing jetty and therefore taking locals in to confidence he would construct the fishing jetty in vasco



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