water restricted to tiswaddi area for quite sometime


18-04-2013 … Vehicle passerby’s along the banastarim-old goa highway road were allowed to have a pleasant time on tuesday evening trying to refresh themselves as well as their vehicles from the hot weather after a plug of a 900 mm water pipe line connecting opa to tiswaddi area suddenly got unplugged close to the banastarim bridge at around 3 pm due to which even water to tiswaddi area was restricted for some time ….

Though the plug hole was a small one the pressure of the water was so much that the water from the pipeline reached on the banastarim-old goa highway road moving from the water pipeline hole towards sky’s and back down on the highway road where in many passerby’s who were moving in their two and three wheelers tried to stop their vehicles under the pressure water and took a chance from the hot weather taking water on their vehicles while some got wet taking rain bath in the water …

Though the officials of works division three of the public works department reached at the site on time it was such a pressure that it lasted for almost more than half and hour after which pwd officials tried their best using a part of a stick to close the hole for the time being

Speaking to goanreporter a employee attached to the pwd division three said that a plug cap of the 900 mm water pipeline had come out suddenly creating a hole in the pipe and due to the water pressure water had reached the highway road