bjp would come to power in 2017 state assembly elections says congress dabolim mla mauvin godinho

13/12/2015 …. In what could be termed as an embarrassment to the state congress party ahead of its 2017 state assembly elections congress mla from dabolim constituency mauvin godinho has said that the state bharatiya janata party would once again be able to form its government while the congress party would once again doom in the state …
Speaking to congress dabolim mla mauvin godinho said that even though he was a congress legislator at the moment he was very much close to the bjp party and could join the bjp party ahead of the upcoming 2017 state assembly polls
 … Mr godinho said that he would be happy if the state congress party were able to get atleast five seats by in the 2017 state assembly elections while bjp would be able to form its government in the next state assembly elections
Mauvin said forming of a regional party in the state was a training ground for young politicians to get elected, trained and move on in to national party
Commenting over the issue of maha-gathbandhan being worked out in the state mauvin said that bihar formula could not work in goa an therefore practically it had no political sense of talking about mahagatbandhan in goa


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