cumbarjua mla pandurang madkaikar denies rumors of attempting to jump in to bjp party says congress would be his first and last choice

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Former transport minister and cumbarjua mla pandurang madkaikar has said that though he might leave politics in life but would not leave the congress party which would be his first and last choice..

Mr madkaikar was speaking to herald correspondent on the sidelines of inaugurating the hot mixing works of the 4.73 kms stretch from the kadamba by pass road to navelkar estate recently in old goa village panchayat and attended by old goa sarpanch vishal volvoikar along with panch members janita madkaikar, vinay naik and others ..…

The works have been undertaken by the public works department and has been estimated to the tune of over a crore and is estimated to be completed within the next few days time …

Speaking further over the rumors of madkaikar name being figured as one of among the four trying to switch over to the bjp party Madkaikar said “I am silent that doesn’t means that I want to jump in to another party as no way I would do this as congress would be my first and last party which I would be in before leaving politics and at the moment we are silent is that we want to give the parrikar government time to function though in the past few months the government has been functioning very slow but still we hope that the present chief minister manohar parrikar would do many more development of the state and presently I also do not have any problems as far as getting my developmental works done from the bjp led government”

Madkaikar said “I am happy that the present government is not treating us differently but same as what an mla has to get a treatment from a government as presently the second bridge from cumbarjua-gaundalim would be started along with other projects such as repair works of st estevam ground, carambolim ground and therefore I can say that we are getting full cooperation from the parrikar led government”

Asked about his reaction on the recent issue undertaken b y villagers of corlim of stopping huge constructions projects coming in the jurisdiction of corlim village madkaikar said “I do believe that it is the right of the local villagers to decide as what type of development they want and what they have to object to and then could put the same suggestions in front of their concerned  panchayat who I do belevie have to abide by the villagers suggestions as if huge projects do keep on coming in village areas then it would be the villagers who would suffer from water, roads, electricity and other amenities and therefore it is the rights of the villagers to oppose as what they do not want in their villager and panchayat have to take it in to consideration”

Madkaikar also stated that “if proper infrastructure is created with proper planning before giving permission for construction projects then it is a different case but in the corlim village there is no planning yet done in terms of basic amenities by the local village panchayat and it’s a surprise as how the panchayat has gone ahead and given permission for such huge construction projects without locals approval”