goa state government to implement garbage cleareance guidelines to shack owners in the upcoming tourist season


19-05-2013 … The state government has taught if implementing strict garbage cleareacne guidelines in its upcoming shack policy to the shack owners in goa and has also considered of giving beach shacks licences to operate for three years.

Presently licenses are currently issued for a single season from October to May in a year and the current shack season would come to an end this month while the state government is about to announce its new beach shack policy by the end of july.

Speaking to goanreporter tourism minister Dilip Parulekar said the upcoming shack policy would take in consideration the major point of garbage where in a shack owner would have to take care of garbage clearances around the shack area along the beaches of goa …

Parulekar said that by end of September the state tourism department would put everything in place as far as shack systems was concerned and had decided to give licenses for three years to operate shack from the upcoming tourist season